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Whatever You’re Spending On Coffee, It’s A Steal


Let’s clear this up: taking your coffee black is perfectly fine. But it doesn’t make you virtuous. Neither does avoiding instant coffee.

Just ask Jordan Michelman.

Coffee is Jordan Michelman’s life. Michelman, who grew up as one of the only Jews in University Place, Washington, started in on his coffee habit early, drinking a morning coffee along with his parents. He now drinks at least four cups of it a day, he’s got an encyclopedic knowledge of the best coffee places in the world, and he’s spent almost a decade of his life reporting for coffee-culture site Sprudge on how coffee is universal, fascinating, and getting more complicated all the time.

Along with Sprudge co-founder Zachary Carlsen, Michelman compiled all of this knowledge into a book, “The New Rules Of Coffee.” Feel free to put as much sugar, honey and milk into your coffee as you want, because according to Michelman the first rule of coffee drinking is that there are no rules when it comes to coffee drinking. And yes, this is coming from a man who wrote a book of rules about coffee drinking, but don’t worry, they’re all optional.

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