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Cafe Du Monde Submits Highest Bid To Run City Park Coffee Stand, But No Decision Made Yet


Café du Monde submitted the highest bid to operate the café au lait and beignet stand in New Orleans City Park, but attorneys must review all three submitted bids before a lease can be awarded, Bob Becker, CEO of the park, said on Wednesday (Dec. 19).

City Park officials reviewed bids from Cafe Beignet, Cafe du Monde and Morning Call, the current lease holder, on Wednesday.

Café du Monde was awarded the lease earlier this summer, but a second bidding process was necessary after Morning Call disputed the results of that first go-round.

“They are the apparent high bidder, but all of the bids have to be taken under advisement by our attorneys,” Becker said Wednesday of Café du Monde. “Nothing can be finalized until we review the full submission by each party.”

“We started our attorneys on them right now,” he said. “It’s certainly our hope to conclude this process quickly.”

Café du Monde bid $25,760 per month; Café Beignet, $25,100; and Morning Call, $23, 800. Each bidder also agreed to pay 10 percent of its gross revenue and to pay for renovations to the bathrooms and kitchen in the building.

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