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Alpha Dominche Shuts Down: Is Commercial Coffee Tech Dead?


There’s a lot to say about how the Spinn Coffee Maker has failed its customers with a delay of nearly two years, but there’s still a chance that story will have a happy ending (fingers crossed, Michael). Customers of Alpha Dominche, a tech hardware startup that’s made waves in the specialty coffee industry, aren’t so lucky.

On December 4th, Alpha Dominche notified its customers that the company was halting all operations immediately with no goal of launching up again.

“This past year we have explored every reasonable option to continue our business operations, but were unable to secure the resources necessary to continue. We deeply regret any hardship this causes our partners, customers, and friends within the coffee and tea industries.”

The company recently crowdfunded over $230,000 to manufacture the Flask Coffee Brewer, a relatively simple manual coffee maker, but they won’t end up shipping a single product. No refunds or late arrivals.

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