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Coffee Curiosity: Exploring Coffee’s Origins


Ethiopia, part of the horn of Africa, is universally known as the birthplace of coffee, and the simple story of Kaldi and his goats represents the casual manner in which this plant naturally flourishes in that area. Although undocumented until 1671, the discovery of the coffee plant is dated to the ninth century and coffee was not grown as a crop until the fifteenth century in Yemen, at which point a large swath of the world became aware via the port of Mocha. It was not grown elsewhere until plants were stolen by the Dutch and planted in Java, Indonesia in the late seventeenth century.

Today, Ethiopia is the fifth largest exporter of coffee beans (behind Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia and Indonesia, respectively) and is known specifically for vibrant, explosively floral and fruity characteristics. Nearly 15 million people, 25 percent of the Ethiopian population, attribute their livelihood to this sector.

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