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Nestle Faces New Coffee Rival As Vietnam Targets Instant Market


After quietly supplying coffee addicts their daily fix for decades, Vietnam is preparing to take on Nestle SA and its Asian rivals to reach them faster.

Instead of selling raw robusta beans to foreign companies for turning into instant coffee, Vietnam’s biggest supplier is preparing to offer its own soluble powder in early 2020. The shift is aimed at reaping more profit from Asia’s burgeoning demand for the quick-brewed beverage and to buffer the impact of large swings in international commodity prices.

“We don’t want to miss a chance to jump on the bandwagon of instant coffee,” said Do Ha Nam, chairman of Intimex Group, which exports as much as a third of Vietnam’s robusta beans, the bitter-tasting variety that is mostly used to make instant coffee. “It brings more profit and less risk as it means we don’t have to rely on the price set by the London market.”

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