New Cold Brew System For Small Batches

TinyTanks LLC announces turnkey cold brew coffee systems for the small scale professional brewer.

The team at TinyTanks LLC has spent years testing, designing, and building small scale cold brew coffee and tea systems which are now available to the public.

Using food grade stainless steel components, this revolutionary system helps ensure a safe and sanitary brewing environment.

Through the use of gentle agitation, the TinyTanks brew system reduces the brew cycle time to as little as six hours. The agitation cycle assists in maximizing the extraction of the coffee that can allow for the producers to use less than half the amount of coffee than the standard brew tank.

Advanced and customizable, internal and external filtration removes far more fine particles and oils than ever before. Aiding the filtration process is a liquid transfer pump which extracts the liquid coffee from the brew vessel, pushing it through the advanced filtration. This process ensures a higher yield and thus more product than gravity systems produce and does so in a matter of minutes.

Customers can also customize their brew vessel and its carts with their own logo design and custom wrapping.

Pre-Season special pricing and financing is available.

For more information please view or contact TinyTanks, LLC at or call 1.800.988.1774

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