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Company Profile: Scolari Engineering / Texpak Inc

Scolari / Texpak Inc is the recognized global leader in integrated manufacturing systems with tomorrow’s technology. Our goal is to produce perfect coffee at lower costs for our clients.

Who is “Scolari Engineering / Texpak Inc”?

Scolari / Texpak Inc is the recognized global leader in integrated manufacturing systems with tomorrow’s technology. Our goal is to produce perfect coffee at lower costs for our clients. Ours is not a group of individual machines but a “manufacturing system” with a standardized database that can be read and written from a management host.

Key Advantages to Customers

Green Coffee

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When bags are unloaded, the operator informs the system of which type of coffee is being unloaded by entering the code and destination using the electronic panel located in this area. The bags are then cut (manually or automatically) to start the emptying procedure. The system protects against different products being loaded into the same silos, unless specific instructions for this are given. The green coffee unloading system has been functioning at many of our customers’ plants for over 25 years. Scolari Engineering has learned a great deal about how to reduce errors made by the operator and is capable of managing batches and their traceability.


After being cleaned and selected according to size and density, the coffee is weighed (net weight) and sent to the designated green coffee silo.

Subsequently, the operator chooses the product to be treated from a blends (or qualities) menu pre-programmed into the computer. This preprogramming is very simple, easy to modify, and can be learned in few hours. After selecting the blends, the operator enters a few variables, such as the amount of roasted coffee to be produced, the roaster to use, the sequence and the destination of the batch. When the batch reaches the roaster, the appropriate roasting curve is set automatically by the product or blend code.


The roasting systems installed in our customers’ plants are totally computerized and are the end result of more than 25 years of experience. Many years of field use have helped us to solve problems that crop up on the less frequent basis, but still contribute greatly to efficient operation, such as sudden breaks in the roasting phase or temporary power cuts in parts of the roasting cycle.

Over the years our control program has allowed for more and more accurate roasting. We even compensate for changes in barometric pressure at the stack!

Roasted Coffee

Once the roasted coffee has been sent to the allocated silo, a roasted batching program takes over; this is very similar to the green coffee batching menu. From the roasting menu, a schedule can be obtained to make blends by using the computer to introduce the correct percentages of each roasted product into the special blender. Unlike green coffee, roasted beans are extremely fragile and when allocated to “whole bean” use, are conveyed by pneumatic pulse conveyors with electronic speed control. The blender is designed to handle the roasted beans with care, as are our roasted bean silos. Alternatively, if the blender is not required it can be excluded and the computer sends the product to the next phase, whether this is grinding or packing.

Ground Coffee

Another section of the system monitors ground coffee degassing times and establishes the destinations of ground coffee. This is another area in which experience has taught us a great deal about the numerous mistakes that can be made by operators, and time has given us the opportunity to “program out” many potential errors. Our tracking and control system for ground coffee allowing us to make more efficient use of silos with optimum sizes of 1 or 2 tons. The conveyor for ground coffee combined with our sealed degassing system utilizing inert gas requires almost no maintenance and has high resistance against declassification and density change. For systems with longer routes, a vacuum conveyor is used.

One grinding mill can fill up to 12 silos. Totally computerized grinding regulation for each blend chosen. The machine is easy to use, requires almost no maintenance, and the granulometric spectrum can be set to the customer’s requirements to preserve all the fragrance of the coffee.

Information System

We lot track coffee beginning to end, databasing information on our system or interfacing with an enterprise computer.


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Company Profile: Scolari Engineering / Texpak Inc
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