The View: Cold Brew to the Rescue

Welcome to CoffeeTalk’s 2021 Winter Issue. We are excited to share industry expert’s experience to help your achieve success in your businesses.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Jake Leonti, has put together an exciting package of editorial around Cold Brew success stories to inspire and educate including how Groundwork Coffee achieved brand success in grocery, Bkon’s cold brew technology breakthrough, NOBL Beverages’ focus on innovation and Coffee Nitro’s UK achievements through innovation. I think my favorite quote from these articles is from Connor Roelke, “To win in beverage is not to conform to the rigidity built by the giants of yesterday. There is nothing that matters to specialty coffee more than building exceptional experiences for customers.”

Another compelling topic near and dear to my heart is addressed by Rocky Rhodes as poses the question, ‘What is coffee worth?’  He suggests a more thoughtful pricing model would start with, ‘How much does it cost to produce?’  Only after that information is known can one determine what is needed to make a reasonable profit and a sustainable life for the farmer.

I very much appreciate Karl Seidel’s article on Boosted Profits, more important than ever in today’s challenging economic environment.

And finally, Mark Linderman shares an inspiration tale of his Journey in Coffee, reminding us that coffee is what bonds family, friends and even strangers. “Coffee, for me, is a gesture of hospitality and goodwill to be shared. I am truly blessed to share a bit of happiness with my healthcare brothers and sisters through the joy of coffee! Great coffee has always brought me happiness, and this is what I intend to spread through my roasting.”


Only a year ago. It was not unusual for a coffee roaster to be focused entirely on a single revenue stream that aligned with their production line. Anyone solely focused on foodservice customers or retail cafes paid the price for putting all their eggs in one basket.

The companies that had already diversified their revenue streams and insulated their businesses through various sales channels have managed to weather the storm. Cold-brew and other RTD coffee beverages played an enormous role in keeping many coffee businesses afloat. 

Cold-brew has been the single most significant product innovation in coffee since espresso. Its growth has been so tremendous that it is almost a guaranteed success if you already have a successful brand. Variations on recipes, added ingredients, and packaging formats leave an open field for boundless interpretations. Cold-brew has allowed small brands to create a national presence and large brands to build a new revenue pipeline with little investment risk as it requires no added equipment or training and very little care to maintain. 

This beverage category has become ‘the Little Can That Could,’ and it continues to grow. As people shelter in place and do the majority of their shopping online, cold brew, RTD, and shelf-stable products are the low-hanging fruit. Every coffee company should have a product in this category as part of their offering, and that is why this issue is dedicated to this beloved beverage.


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