The View: The Long View

Someone pointed out to me recently that CoffeeTalk is the most-established US-based coffee magazine. I hadn’t really realized that, but I am officially old now! 

We founded in 1994 (though we also purchased another magazine called Hospitality News founded in 1987) and the journey has been quite the rollercoaster. We have participated in the ups and downs of frosts, crises, recessions, mergers, globalization, and now, a worldwide pandemic. The journey has taught me patience and perseverance; and created perspective to know that absolutely everything is temporary.

The world is opening back up and connections are being renewed. Times are a changin, yet our purpose remains steadfast: to create connections between all aspects of the industry. Our job is to provide essential information to help businesses succeed, whether it is the latest in technology trends, or simple introductions between buyers and sellers, we exist to serve. I look forward to continuing the journey and helping to make a difference.

from Kerri Goodman

Spring is here, and the SCA Expo is back in full swing for the first time since the pandemic. There is a lot of excitement to attend the show as we have all been waiting a long time to come out of hibernation. It’s time to reconnect with old friends and look around at what has been happening while we’ve been asleep.

Despite the strain on resources and supply chain over the past year, there has been incredible innovation and various new companies popping up across the country. People are quitting jobs changing careers, and some are looking to play match-maker at the show. We are in a period of new beginnings as the world continues to shuffle the deck. This year’s show will be a great place to see who ended up where and how.

We will see fresh faces joining us from other industries like tech and marketing. We are also sure to see many that have always dreamed of roasting coffee or starting their café. This rejuvenation serves as a reminder to me of why our words at CoffeeTalk are important. Whether you have been in coffee for years or are just getting started, we continue to share inside information from the most respected and intelligent minds in coffee today. Our catalog of issues may serve as a library of coffee knowledge that continues to inform the next crop of coffee professionals.

from Jake Leonti

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