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Company Profile: Fres-co System USA, Inc.

Supplying Customers with pre-made bags, custom printed rollstock, degassing valves, packaging machinery, pod equipment and service. Fres-co System USA has been the co ee industry’s packaging expert for over 30 years.

Key Products

Fres-co LogoFor more than 30 years, Fres-co has served leading companies with turnkey flexible packaging systems, printed laminated barrier

materials, and exceptional service. During our history of packaging innovation, we have also invented many breakthrough products, including the one-way degassing valve, modified atmosphere technologies, and reclosure systems. These have all served the coffee industry very well.

We collaborate with our customers in the coffee industry to help them optimize their operational performance and excel in their packaging operations. With more than 1,700 installations worldwide, Fres-co offers a full line of state-of-the art customized packaging equipment, maintained through our excellent customer service.

Our packaging material capabilities cover a wide range of cost-effective, multi-ply high-barrier packaging solutions: flexographic and rotogravure printed rollstock and stock bags in various configurations and sizes. We also manufacture degassing valves and a variety of reclosure systems. In addition to our machinery and materials, our total system approach includes the engineering, manufacturing, installation, and support of our equipment.

Greatest Strengths

Fres-co BagsOur single greatest strength is our ability to solve each customer’s biggest challenges. There are no stock solutions at Fres-co; each unique situation deserves a unique solution, and that is what Fres- co’s customers receive.

Another of Fres-co’s strengths is the sheer variety of solutions we offer to the coffee industry’s packagers and producers who need to make durable and cost-effective packages that fit effectively into storage spaces, such as pantries, refrigerators, and warehouse shelving. Additionally, the marketers in these companies face an additional different challenge, creating designs that will catch their customers’ eyes. To meet these needs, flexible packagers of coffee will need to meet a variety of requirements, including measuring and maximizing operational performance, first-class visual design and production, effective capital expenditure, and sustainability and the reduction of waste. Fres-co is uniquely able to meet these requirements and many more. Our success comes from our versatility and our wide range of offerings, giving our customers a single point of accountability.

While we can provide complete, turnkey flexible systems for an end-to-end solution, we’re also able to supply the individual components of a coffee-packaging system. It may be our sturdy and enduring equipment that is built for the long haul. We also offer a variety of laminated barrier materials. While Fres-co provides exceptional service on our customers’ equipment to help maximize investment, we also offer operations consulting in order to maximize the system’s performance and throughput.

We have been successful in solving complex packaging challenges rapidly for one particular reason: our teams in production
and research and development are knowledgeable in the science of packaging, and we create strategies based on the particular characteristics of the coffee our customers are containing. We accomplish this by offering a broad portfolio of packaging solutions:

Film Extrusion for high-performance sealant and barrier films tailored to customer needs. Fresco’s films provide excellent sealing properties and consistent COF for high-speed packaging equipment. Our films also have excellent mechanical strength and puncture resistance for the most demanding applications, while also delivering superior oxygen and moisture barrier to extend the shelf life of coffee.

Rollstock, whose vivid rotogravure and flexographic custom printing make customers’ packages appear brightly in display. By combining our high-quality, high-definition printing with our custom lamination and coating processes, Fres-co rollstock delivers vivid and vibrant colors to your packages; this has resulted in award-winning graphics and package designs.

Industry Contributions

Fres-co is a proud supporter of Coffee Kids, a non-profit group that works with organizations in coffee-farming communities throughout Latin America. Coffee Kids creates projects in the areas of education, health care, economic diversification, food security, and capacity building. Fres-co has been associated with Coffee Kids since 1994, and we support their mission. As members of the coffee industry, we believe it’s important to support the quality of life among the farmers in the coffee communities.

Key Advantages to Clients

Fres-co MachineOur array of equipment, materials, and service are unmatched in the industry. We offer our customers a single source for their coffee-packaging needs. As a result, we have been serving leading companies across the Fortune 500 for more than 30 years. From a complete, turnkey flexible-packaging system, to printed laminated barrier materials and exceptional service, Fres-co has it all. When taken in total, Fres-co’s system strategy provides coffee packagers with seamless integration, as well as comprehensive service and support. We hope to meet soon with many of you who are readers of CoffeeTalk. We want to help meet your packaging challenges.


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