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Company Profile: Java Jacket

The Original Green Co ee Sleeve. Comes in 100% Recycled Natural Kraft or White. Can be custom printed with your design.

Who is “Java Jacket”?

Java Jacket LogoIn the Fall of 1991, Jay Sorensen invented the original recycled, best insulating coffee cup sleeve on the market. While leaving a local coffee drive-thru while taking his daughter to school, Jay dropped a cup of hot coffee in his lap because the paper cup was too hot. That got him thinking there must be a better way to get your Joe on the go.

The Sorensen’s house became company headquarters. The Sorensen’s went after their dream by selling to local coffee shops out of the back of their car. Sales percolated quickly after Jay and his wife Colleen went to their first coffee trade show in Seattle.

The family run business has now sold over four billion cup sleeves by putting our customers comfort and satisfaction first. We sell to the corner espresso stand, as well as some of the biggest coffee chains.

We strongly believe in giving back to the community.

Key Products

Java Jacket 1Java JacketTM offers both stock printed and custom printed cup sleeves. White or natural paper, 12-20 oz or 8 oz. Java JacketsTM, we are your one stop shop for all things cup sleeve related! We offer up to 4 color printing on our white or natural paper and up to 6 colors on our claycoat paper.

The Java JacketTM can be used to advertise, promote or communicate on many levels. Name branding, co-branding, websites, codes, coupons and even punch cards can all be utilized on a Java Jacket.

Although the Java Jacket is considered a disposable item it can be re-used with care. Therefore punch cards are a good way to encourage customers to retain them.

Our new Java Jacket, Eco II Jacket uses less paper, is ecologically friendly, and economically beneficial. The Eco II Java Jacket is a new, slimmer and more affordable Java Jacket. Available in our Scatter Cup pattern or for custom printing.

Greatest Strengths

Java Jacket 2A distinctive experience when using our product is the feel from the embossed patented design.

The embossing helps to grip the cup as well as insulate your hand from the hot beverage. The cost benefit in using Java Jackets is that they are less expensive than double cupping and they give you the option to use them in comparison to double walled cups. In regards to custom printing they can be used to market your business in addition to name branding.

We use ecologically friendly paper, glue and inks in making our Java Jackets. Upon request we also offer 100% recycled natural and white paper.

Industry Contributions

Java Jacket continues to manufacture and distribute their unique products to an expanding market. Licensing protects Java Jacket from immitators, as well as making it possible for other businesses to develop their own personalized Java Jackets.

By eliminating double cupping and other excessive paper waste, Java JacketTM is proud to be environmentally conscious. We have always been green and will continue to be green—ours are the greenest jacket on the planet. Java Jackets are 100% recyclable and 100% post-consumer products. Also, our products are grown and manufactured in North America, with either Canadian or U.S. labor. We are very proud of that.

Key Advantages to Clients

Java JacketTM aims to bring the best sleeves to you at affordable prices. When we make you happy, that makes us happy!

By eliminating double cupping and other excessive paper waste, Java JacketTM is proud to be environmentally conscious.

We take our impact on the environment very seriously. That’s why we emphasize using recyclable/compostable, post-consumer paper.

Java JacketsTM are the best insulating cup sleeve on the market, with two different sizes available. The waffle texture provides “gripability.”

Aside from our available stock prints, Java JacketTM offers custom printing. We offer up to 4 color printing on our white or natural paper and up to 6 colors on our claycoat paper.

We offer same day shipping as well as the option to use your own shipper. Can’t hang on to that many Java JacketsTM? Six month storage is available.

Java Jacket

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