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Company Profile: Follett Corporation

Since 1948 Follett Corporation has led the industry in designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative ice storage bins, ice storage and transport systems, ice machines, ice and water dispensers, ice and beverage dispensers, and medical-grade refrigerators and freezers for the foodservice and healthcare industries.

Who is “Follett Corporation”?

Follett LogoInnovative solutions, inspired by ice – it’s the principle that has driven Follett Corporation for more than 65 years. Founded in 1948, Follett Corporation is a leading manufacturer of innovative equipment for the foodservice and healthcare markets, including ice and water dispensers, ice machines, ice storage and transport equipment, and medical-grade refrigerators and freezers. The company’s goal to reach 100 percent customer satisfaction has resulted in equipment that provides outstanding innovation and design excellence to meet the specific needs of each facility. Our entire company is dedicated to providing the most customer-oriented service in the industry.

Follett occupies over 135,000 square feet of plant and office space in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. In addition, it has a manufacturing facility in Gdansk, Poland in 2005 to support global customer growth.

Key Products

Compact and drainless ice and water dispensers for office coffee.

Follett 1Based on market research, many customers desired a compact ice machine that could conserve counter space, would be attractive to match their coffee brewers and other kitchen equipment, and would not require a drain. The 7 and 15 Series accomplish just that. All you need is a water line and an electrical outlet, making installation simple and easy.

The 7 Series and 15 Series have compact countertop and freestanding designs, and the 7 series is available in undercounter versions. The 15 Series was launched in January 2014, a line extension to the very successful 7 Series ice and water dispensers. All 7 and 15 Series dispensers feature sanitary capacitive touch dispensing of ice and Agion® antimicrobial protection1 in the critical ice and water contact components to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi on treated surface for a more sanitary experience than traditional manual-scoop icemakers found in many break rooms and pantries.

The 7 Series, which holds 7lbs of ice, is ideal for a 25-30-person work group while the 15 Series holds 15lbs of ice and is ideal for serving up to 50 people. These dispensers can produce up to 125 lbs of Chewblet® ice per day. Chewblet ice is a chewable nugget that consumers prefer by over 2:1 compared to cube-type ice.2 Chewblet ice also provides a low cost amenity to support employee hydration to reduce fatigue, increase mental acuity, and enhance overall well-being and satisfaction.

Large ice and water dispensers for office coffee

For larger workspaces, Follett’s SymphonyTM dispensers offer over 40 ice and water dispenser models with ice production of 400 pounds per day and storage capacities of 12 to 90 pounds. These Symphony dispensers can serve work groups up to 350 people.

Follett ice and water dispensers can help you grow your business by providing more opportunities to generate revenue. With ice, your customers can enjoy a broader employee refreshment program that includes iced coffees, iced teas, flavor packs, and all beverages that goes well with ice. This will allow the OCS operator to expand its revenue opportunities outside the traditional morning daypart. Including the sales and margins of iced beverages sales in the economic equation can make an ice and water dispenser a very attractive investment.

Chewblet ice machines for cafes and coffee shops

Follett 2The Symphony line of dispensers with its 400 hundred pound ice machine and internal storage of up to 90 pounds is a great way to provide sanitary, hands-free dispensing of ice in a retail operation. Additionally, Follett produces a full line of Chewblet ice machines for retail applications in capacities from 400 pounds per day to 1650 pounds per day. All Follett ice machines can be placed on top of traditional ice storage bins. Additionally, with Follett’s exclusive remote ice delivery system (RIDE®), a retailer can locate the ice machine up to 75 feet away from the storage receptacle. This RIDE capability allows the retailer to get the heat and noise of an ice machine out of the customer areas and provides significant flexibility for installing both the ice machine and the ice storage receptacle.

All Follett ice machines provide the same consumer-preferred Chewblet ice. As an added bonus, Chewblet ice is great for blended drinks, as its softer nature will both cut the time to make a blended drink in half and reduce wear and tear on blenders.

Our loyalty to our customers

Industry professionals often specify Follett equipment because of our outstanding service and support. We offer

  • Exceptional service and support program composed of full parts and labor warranty, along with warranty on compressor parts
  • Comprehensive manuals and free videos
  • Free technical services seminars
  • Technical service representatives available to service our customers 365 days a year, including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, via our toll free 800 number

Environmental sustainability

Follett strives to improve the sustainable consumption and production associated with its activities by practicing recycle, reuse, reduce concepts.

All products comply with Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS). All ice machines and ice and water dispensers use environmentally friendly (CFC-free) refrigerants.


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