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Company Profile: International Coffee Consulting

Helping clients improve the quality of their coffee and their bottom line profits.

Who is “International Coffee Consulting”?

ICCG LogoInternational Coffee Consulting is a resource for the coffee industry to implement, enhance and embrace quality improvements. Starting at the tree and ending with the consumer, ICC demonstrates how improving quality will improve profits.

ICC was founded when Rocky Rhodes sold his roasting company of 13 years and started teaching Q-Grader Certification classes. These classes exposed him to areas of the industry with which he had little familiarity. Now with a new breadth of knowledge, ICC offers services to farmers and baristas alike.

ICCG 1Clients began to call requesting unique and specialized knowledge to solve business issues. Perhaps one of the more unique cases had to do with a high-end hot cup manufacturer. They had a desire to reach the wholesale roaster and sell the cups to, and through, them. ICC took a list of nearly 1000 roasters across the US and segmented them into several different categories. Within the categories were breakdown by customer make-up and were put in a grid to identify highest value prospects. By using this grid and the segmented and ‘cleaned’ list of roasters they were able to save thousands of dollars in lost sales time. It also increased sales for this company in this segment very quickly.

So we got swamped in a good way and brought on another coffee guy. Jeremy Raths, owner of The Roastery is also a Q instructor. Roasting since 1979; ancient and has been around round the corner. Raths can help lots of folks all along the coffee chain, from growers through roasters to coffee service. He got started at a regional roaster managing seven million pounds and has been shrinking since. He now roasts on a tiny little six- pounder. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Key Products

Consulting services and training are the core of what ICC provides. Services are as pinpoint as assisting in sales of specific products to the industry and as broad as overall process improvement in a roasting plant.

Greatest Strengths

ICC’s ability to work in all aspects of the industry both domestic and internationally make them a valuable ally for any business in the coffee industry. Years of experience in all facets of the supply chain give ICC a unique perspective their clients business needs.

Industry Contributions

ICC founder Rocky Rhodes is heavily involved in the coffee industry. He has published over 20 articles, assisted both SCAA and Coffee Quality Institute in class development and is a frequent Coffee Corps volunteer.

Additional Information

ICCG 2ICC has helped many companies build their businesses through a focus on a quality product and selling to the upper end of the market that appreciates that quality.

ICC’s client base currently resides in the USA, Korea, Taiwan, China, Kenya, Rwanda and Indonesia. Projects in these countries are divided into two distinct categories:

  1. General Training. ICC offers Q-Grader Certification, R-Grader Certification and Roaster Certification classes. Classes are given both as open enrollment and private company events.

    The core training offerings for ICC have been the Q-Grader and R-Grader certification courses. They have been given over15 times, in four countries. ICC founder, Rocky Rhodes, assisted in developing parts of Roaster Certification courses as well as the Q-Grader course work. These classes have been given as part of a large government contracts, for profit at commercial labs and even to private groups.

    ICC also provides company specific training such as blending, roasting, and retail management systems.

  2. Consulting. ICC has been involved with companies trying to export, import, wholesale, retail and market products. Other services include business model review and streamlining, lab certification and target marketing within the industry.

    Clients cover a vast array of industry segments including:

  • Green Coffee Exporters
  • Green Coffee Importers
  • Roasters – Wholesale
  • Roasters – Retail
  • Hot Beverage Cup Manufacturers
  • Trade Associations (Foreign and Domestic)
  • Coffee Quality Institute

ICC couples the years of business experience with years of coffee experience to be able to offer clients methods for improving quality but also to sell those products to a discerning marketplace.

International Coffee Consulting

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