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Company Profile: Juice Bar Solutions, Inc.

NEED A BOOST? 18 Unique Powdered Boosts Healthy Blended Beverages = Healthy Profits.

What is “Juice Bar Solutions, Inc.”?

Add a Scoop LogoJuice Bar Solutions, Inc. is family owned and staffed with personable and friendly folks. Pride, integrity, and accountability are our fundamental values. A complete and synchronous product line is the result of a complete and synchronous team of people with a value system based on natural health, quality control, customer service, and consistency in our actions.

Key Products

Energy is the top-selling boost followed closely by Antioxidant, Multivitamin, and Trim & Fit.

1.) The market has exploded with energy drinks lining the shelves of every store. Our Add a ScoopTM Energy Blend contains the same ingredients as Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy. Many consumers don’t like the taste of Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy. That’s the benefit of our product because the Add a ScoopTM Energy Blend is a flavorless boost that can be added to the blended beverage of their choice.

2.) Antioxidant Blend is an excellent source of Vitamins A, Vitamin C & Vitamin E. It is a select combination of vegetables and other natural plants that together form a high quality source of antioxidants.

3.) The Multivitamin Blend is a shortcut for those who skip taking a multivitamin tablet. It contains many trace minerals and vitamins, sufficient to compensate for anything missing in your regular diet. Again, these boosts are flavorless, which results in positive sales to those who would otherwise be choosy about flavor.

4.) Trim and Fit Blend is a versatile product that combines minerals, and natural herbs and plants to support you on your natural and healthy approach to fitness. Trim and Fit helps the body to metabolize fats.

5.) Another product very popular within the Add a ScoopTM brand is the Matcha Green Tea. Matcha is a special variety of green tea that is shade grown in certain parts of Japan. Shade slows down the growth, turning the leaves a darker shade of green and causes the production of amino acids that result in a premium tea, which provides natural energy and antioxidants. The Add a ScoopTM Matcha GT brand always wins the taste test over the other brands, and is the very versatile base for Green Tea frappés, Green Tea lattes, and Green Tea smoothies.

Greatest Strengths

We are the ones who have taken the confusion out of adding boosts to your blended beverages. Instead of wondering how big of a scoop of antioxidant powder or energy powder, etc. to add to that blended beverage you’re selling, we’ve standardized the scoops into a convenient ‘one size fits all.’ Our product line brings your beverage bar up to the consumer demand for Health and Wellness and, as such, we maintain excellent product quality. Our boosts have no added sweeteners or flavors. We have achieved the best certifications, such as Kosher, Halal, Veg-Soc, GMO Free, etc. Adding a boost to a beverage is now standard in the juice bar, coffee shop, and smoothie bar industry. Consider taking your blended beverages to that next level. The expense of adding a boost to a drink is not an expense, but rather an opportunity to expand your profitability into the health and wellness-minded customer base.

Industry Contributions

We’ve been in the health and wellness industry for over 13 years. We’ve developed our boosts to be easy and convenient for
you to use, and healthful for the consumer when added to a purchase. The consumer trends indicate a growing market demand for fast nutrition. If your coffee concept doesn’t lend itself well to the health-minded customer, you are missing out on a consumer demand that is actively seeking out coffee and juice bars that cater to the search for quick nutrition.

Key Advantages to Clients

The Add a ScoopTM by Smoothie EssentialsTM products are GMO free and taste-free. They are Kosher, Halal, and, Veg. Soc. certified. The shelf  stability for these powdered boosts is three years from the date of manufacture, and that allows the shop operator to test which products might be more popular in any given location. Historically, the consumer trends show that they prefer to invest in a health conscious diet in the interest of preventing illnesses. The Add a ScoopTM product line is the perfect way to promote to the health and wellness-minded consumer.

Additional Information

Add a Scoop 1How the product line came about: In the 1980’s and 1990’s David and Ellie Gross operated a chain of yogurt and smoothie bars in the San Francisco area. Their mission was to offer the healthiest and most beneficial beverages possible. In the interest of catering to the customers’ appetite for healthy foods, they began a search for supplement-boost products that they could add to their blended beverages. They sourced individual supplements such as ginseng, echinacea, and goldensea, and posted them on their menu board as add-ins. However, it became apparent that customers had no idea what these supplements were or their benefits. So, David and Ellie decided to combine them together into various blends and give them names that explained the benefit. Energy Blend came about by adding B vitamins with taurine and ginseng. Adding echinacea with goldenseal to vitamin C became the base for Immune Support. Thus, David and Ellie devised a supplement- boost product line of their own. The goal was that each boost should include multiple ingredients, be taste- free, easy to use, and of uniform scoop size. The name for each boost would have to be descriptive of what benefit the boost provided. They came up with a product line, put it to use in their shop, and made adjustments as needed until each product had seals of approval for Kosher, Halal, and various other good manufacturing processes. As time passed and users began experimenting with recipes, it came about that the boosts were being added to foods, as well as blended beverages and even to coffees. As a result, it came about that the boosts could be added to foods and coffees as well, so it was decided to change the product name from ‘smoothie’ essentials to the more flexible concept of ‘add a scoop.’

Add a ScoopTM by Smoothie EssentialsTM

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