SCA Winners: The 2022 SCA Expo Highlights

Boston, Massachusetts, was battered by the pandemic. Many businesses suffered tremendous losses with a very prudent and strict policy regarding facial coverings and indoor dining rules. Many businesses never came back. As hard as the last two years have been for Beantown, you wouldn’t have known it if you were in town celebrating the thirty-third annual Specialty Coffee Expo. The Expo was full of life, excitement, and people! Thousands of people, four hundred twenty companies exhibiting from forty countries worldwide. People laughed, hugged, and heartily slurped coffee as if the pandemic had never happened. Here are some of the highlights of who won at SCA 2022.   

First winner, Boston! The Seaport district was at capacity with convention visitors, tourists and locals enjoying the topsy turvy weather (it hailed one day, and temperatures hit the seventies the next), refreshing ocean air and great local foods.

Best New Products Award Winners:

{ Coffee Accessories }
Unifilter Unibody 58mm Portafilter by Weber Workshops  

{ Commercial Coffee Preparation & Serving }
Victoria Arduino – Black Eagle Maverick Espresso Machine by Simonelli Group

{ Consumer Coffee Preparation & Serving (Electrical) }
POUR’D by Marco Beverage Systems  

{ Consumer Coffee Preparation & Serving (Non-Electrical) }
Clara French Press by Fellow

{ Open Class }
Numilk Pro Countertop Fresh Plant-Based Milk Machine by Plant Tap/Numilk  

{ Roasting Equipment & Tools }

{ Specialty Coffee Beverage Additive }
White Chocolate Café Powder by Hollander Chocolate Company 

{ Specialty Non-Coffee Beverage Standalone }
1883 Ginger Beer Syrup by 1883 Maison Routin  

{ Technology }
Ember Mug² by Ember 

Winners for Coffee Design Awards:

{ Spaces }
Tropicália Coffee  

{ Branding }
Colectivo Coffee  

{ Packaging }
Roast Runner

2022 U.S. Coffee Championships: 

The 2022 U.S. Coffee Championships took place in the Activities Hall and featured six competitions across the three days. Here are the six new U.S. Coffee Champions: 

Morgan Eckroth
U.S. Barista Champion 

Elika Liftee
U.S. Brewers Cup Champion

Alexandra Hager
U.S. Coffee in Good Spirits Champion 

Julien Langevin
U.S. Cup Tasters Champion 

Nick Berardi
U.S. Roasting Champion 

Piyapat (Flook) Lapteerawut
U.S. Latte Art Champion

It was an intense weekend of reuniting old friends and colleagues, competition, and exalted jubilation for all the potential that Spring brings.

by Jake Leonti

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