The View: The Power of Community and Connection

Welcome to CoffeeTalk’s Summer 2021 Issue. It’s hard to believe we’ve been publishing for almost three decades now and I am continually touched by readers who reach out to let us know they appreciate the ongoing coffee community support we provide through sharing information and connections. I am forever grateful to our readers, advertisers, and writers for continuing the coffee journey of knowledge and keeping our connections strong. 

I am particularly grateful for the ability to use CoffeeTalk to make a difference to those in need. Change starts with awareness and the ability to share information. In this case, awareness of the plight of women in coffee growing countries. I’m not sure how many of you know that Cervical Cancer is the number one cancer killer of women at origin. Or that one woman dies every two minutes from this 100% preventable and, if caught early, curable disease. Or that women of color have a hugely higher mortality rate. Grounds for Health has been addressing this for 25 years now. To celebrate this milestone, The “Women Choosing Women” campaign has begun. It is for those of us in the industry that want to protect the women at origin and make sure GfH continues this work. Though the campaign has just begun with a simple word-of-mouth sharing, already 20 industry leaders have stepped up to support this work.


Cate Batson Baril | Global Organics | Ltd.

Lisa Colon | Intercontinental Coffee Trading

Gina Costellini | Costellini’s

Shayna Ferullo | Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters

Elizabeth Goldblatt & Amy Louis | Six Degrees Coffee

Kerri Goodman | CoffeeTalk

Jennifer Gurley | Rockingham Roasters

Mireya Jones | Jones Coffee Roasters

Kyra Kennedy | Baratza

Joyce Klassen | Baratza

Meg Le Vu | BlkCity Coffee

Rachel Lehman | Crema | Coffee Roasters

Mary Allen Lindemann | Coffee by Design

Alicia Love | Coffee Labs Roasters

Samantha Keane Morgan | Balzac Bros.

Jenni Morse | Simpli Press Coffee

Helen Nicholas | Royal Coffee | Inc. (retired)

Linda Smithers | Daterra Coffee (retired)

Maritza Taylor | PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. &
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Monica Walker | Walker Coffee Trading

Kim Walton | Flag & Wire Coffee

Women @ Club Coffee

Sara Yirga | YA Coffee

I hope many more of you will join this effort!


As we prepare another issue under the cloak of the pandemic, we are reminded of the importance of what we do. Coffee continues to be a unifying beverage that bonds people across cultures and provides a much-needed comfort in a time when so many other comforts have been removed.

Between civil unrest in Colombia earlier this year and the frost in Brazil, prices have shot up, and access reduced. As roasters, we face many challenges. Of course, we always want to provide the best products to customers and ensure consistency; however, this has become an incredible challenge. One coffee company I work with in London had to scramble to rebuild its supply chain as their green importer went bankrupt over the last year.

As we wade through these waters of uncertainty, we can hold fast to the idea that roasters are the keeper of the flame. With this light, roasters can continue to bring comfort to people worldwide by doing what they do best; providing excellent coffee and a story to share.

In the coming months, there are several shows to attend in person for the first time in a while. These shows will provide a craved reconnection and return to familiar habits. It is another step in rebuilding the bridges that were retracted in 2020, adding another breath of fresh air to a flame that refused to go out.


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