Prana Chai – Voted #1 at Coffee Fest 2015

Prana Chai is the original, one-of-a-kind ‘wet’ masala chai blend – voted #1 at CoffeeFest Chicago 2015. This authentic yet unique style of chai is incomparable to existing loose leaf teas, concentrates or powders. It’s a fresh blend created by cafe owners with the goal of providing a real, healthy and engaging chai experience without compromising service flow in fast-paced cafes. The result is an honest product, hand-crafted through a beautifully simple process. Whole spices are gently cracked open, lightly toasted and blended with 100% black ceylon tea and freshly diced ginger, then coated with organic honey to bring together these rich natural flavors and aromas. [Also available with Agave as a strictly vegan option.] No machines, strange ingredients, artificial preservatives, added sugars, syrups or powders are ever used. Prana Chai is all-natural, beautifully balanced and truly made from Only The Good Stuff.

Prana Chai is being embraced by roasters, coffee shops and cafes that share a similar mindset and attention to detail in how they craft, curate and present their coffees and other offerings. Please check out how others are enjoying and serving Prana Chai https://instagram.com/explore/tags/pranachai/. To learn more or request a sample, please visit us.pranachai.com

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