NitroBrew, Compact Device That Nitrogenates Any Beverage, Now Available Online

NitroBrew Kettle and ChargerNitroBrew, an innovative new technology that nitrogenates any beer, coffee or other beverage, is now available at http://nitrobrew.com/shop/. An ideal Mother’s Day gift, in under a minute, NitroBrew can turn a bottled beer into a sensational nitro-beer, a regular iced coffee into a silky nitro cold brew coffee or even create a creamy root beer float without ice cream (and added calories).

A fast-growing trend among coffee drinkers, beer connoisseurs and foodies, nitro-style beverages are popular for their smooth mouthfeel, foamy heads and well-rounded flavors. NitroBrew is the first invention designed to bring nitrogenating technology into the home, enabling people to nitrogenate store-bought beverages, as well as create their own nitro-style brews from scratch in their own kitchens.

“The beauty of nitro cold brew coffee is that it gives you a creamy mouthfeel, though you’re not adding any cream or milk to the coffee,” said NitroBrew inventor Murthy Tata. “It’s an excellent alternative for the calorie-conscious coffee drinker.”

Each NitroBrew kit includes a handsome kettle, a discreet charging station and a small air compressor. NitroBrew is easy to use, compact and takes up little storage space. The NitroBrew kettle is dishwasher safe.

About NitroBrew
NitroBrew is a patent-pending device that nitrogenates any beer, coffee or other beverage in under a minute, at the point of service. Available for bars and restaurants as well as home-use, the NitroBrew system creates nitrogen bubbles that roll around on the palate to create a smooth, silky mouthfeel and delicious taste. For more information, please visit http://nitrobrew.com/.

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