Don Pablo Adds a Fourth Small Batch Roaster

Don Pablo Adds a Fourth Small Batch Roaster

Burke Brands LLC, coffee growers and the roasters of the Don Pablo, Pablo’s Pride, Subtle Earth Organic, and other private label specialty coffee brands, has added a fourth small batch roaster. True to its innovative model of roasting specialty grade coffee fresh to order in multiple small batch roasters, at a competitive price, Burke Brands has continued to maintain freshness and quality, while rapidly growing sales.

“We don’t use a quench to cool the coffee or heating elements in our hoppers,” say company founders Darron and Eliana Burke. “Our Roaster Operators are true Artisans in that they roast by sight, smell, and sound, and we also have sophisticated profile equipment that allows us to maintain constancy across roasts. Our customers can definitely tell the difference between our fresh, Artisan roasted coffee, and coffee roasted by other companies of our size,” concludes Burke.

Burke Brands LLC
521 NE 189th Street
Miami, Florida 33179
http://youtu.be/LlOKBn9OLHU – Check out our new Don Pablo commercial!

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