Following a Strong Partnership with Starbucks Verismo*, K-fee Now Launches Its Premium Coffee & Espresso Makers and Pods in the U.S. at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon

K-fee, the single-serve coffee brand from Germany, is now selling its Duo Pressure coffee & espresso makers and pods online and at retailers Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon.

At-home coffee lovers already know the K-fee brand from the Starbucks Verismo* system, sold by Starbucks until 2018. Starbucks previously partnered together with K-fee System as the manufacturer of the Starbucks Verismo* system to make the first premium at-home single-serve coffee maker capable of producing Starbucks’ quality beverages at home. K-fee’s coffee pods through this collaboration can still be found in select stores nationwide. K-fee also introduces its own pods brand Mr & Mrs Mill and select coffee & espresso makers to the US market. Now available at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon and, of course,, its own online shop.

“We are extremely excited to bring our own coffee pods and our line of innovative Swiss-engineered coffee & espresso makers to the United States,” said Anton Straughan, Vice President, Krüger North America. “We’re relentlessly pursuing the perfect cup of coffee, from our unique pod system and the hand-picked ingredients that go into them, to the technology that brings you a state-of-the-art coffee maker. It’s what makes the K-fee system stand out in the coffee industry and makes an exceptional at-home coffee experience for our customers.”

K-fee coffee makers are Swiss engineered and provide a patented high and low-pressure extraction capability, also known as Duo Pressure technology. The high-pressure brews a perfect espresso with an indulgent crema layer and the low-pressure brew-style gives coffee-lovers the strong flavor they’re looking for. The one-of-a-kind functionality allows customers to make espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and coffees at the push of a button. Each flavor can be created using the Mr. & Mrs. Mill pods, which are uniquely pressed and sealed for high-quality flavor and freshness.

K-fee will offer three coffee brewers, the Twins IITwins II & Latte and the Grande, along with their barista-quality frother, the Lattaero, and their high-quality coffee and espresso pods from Mr & Mrs Mill to craft the ultimate coffee-shop experience at home. Of course, all existing Starbucks Verismo* machines are compatible with all K-fee pods.

About K-fee System: K-fee System, founded by the Krüger Group in 2010, offers customers the latest multi-beverage system in unique coffee & espresso makers design. The high-quality, Swiss-engineered system and its patented technology stand for high quality in every detail. Together with the specially adapted pods and decades of experience of the Krüger Group, K-fee brings a unique added value to the coffee marketplace: perfect at-home brewing at the touch of a button. Find out more at

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