High Volume Gentle Conveying

The 8” (203.2mm) diameter high-volume cable conveyor can be customized to move just about anything. Examples include whole roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, pet food, in-shell walnuts, peanuts, and breakfast cereal. These systems are designed to handle high volume and can operate on multiple planes. With your 8” tube conveyor system you can expect gentle material handling, an enclosed dust-free environment, and easy maintenance.

No different than Cablevey’s smaller diameter tube systems, the interior of the 8” system is designed to meet a variety of swab-test standards and offers a variety of cleaning elements including brushes, air knives, single-use sponges, urethane clean-out discs, and an internal mini inspection camera.

The 8” system can move up to 2,000 cubic feet/hour (56.6 cubic meters) and up to 80,000 pounds/hour (36, 287 kilograms) making this system ideal for high-volume gentle conveying.

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