El Salvador’s Rich Coffee Heritage Celebrated in Trifinio Coffee Company Launch

El Salvador’s Rich Coffee Heritage Celebrated in Trifinio Coffee Company Launch

Trifinio Coffee Company, a new player in the coffee industry, celebrates its launch, showcasing two distinctive blends that echo the deep-rooted coffee culture of El Salvador’s Trifinio region.

A Legacy Reborn
Under Fernando Galán’s stewardship, the company breathes new life into his family’s hundred-year legacy in coffee cultivation, originated in Santa Ana, El Salvador. The Galán lineage, notably advanced by Fernando’s father, Francisco, has been synonymous with quality coffee production for generations.

Uniting Through Coffee
The essence of the Trifinio region, a unique junction of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, inspires the company’s ethos. “Our aim is to connect people globally through the shared love of exceptional coffee,” articulates Fernando Galán.

Introducing Exclusive Blends
The debut features two special blends: an aromatic light roast and the flagship “Trifinio Blend,” a robust medium roast. These selections embody the unique terrain and heritage of the Trifinio region.

Invitation to Connoisseurs
The Trifinio Coffee Company warmly invites coffee connoisseurs to indulge in these blends. Each sip is a celebration of the vibrant history and spirit of the Trifinio region and the Galán family’s dedication.

About Trifinio Coffee Company
Located in Moorpark, CA, Trifinio Coffee Company is more than a brand; it’s a tribute to the rich El Salvadorian and Central American coffee legacy, continuing the Galán family’s passion for coffee craft.

Discover more at trifiniocoffeecompany.com

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