Measuring, reducing and offsetting emissions in coffee cultivation and supply chains with the new 4C Carbon Footprint Add-On

4C Services is proud to announce the launch of the new 4C Carbon Footprint Add-On which promotes climate friendly coffee cultivation and supply chains. The Add-On allows system users to calculate their carbon footprint, to identify emission reduction options and to use carbon offsetting for remaining emissions.

The consumer demand for sustainably sourced coffee and transparent information about its carbon footprint is growing steadily. The coffee industry has already reacted to this, and several brand owners and roasters are implementing respective policies. With the newly developed 4C Carbon Footprint Add-On 4C responds to these developments. It offers companies and their supply chains a tailored solution to understand the current impact of their operations on the climate and proposes solutions on how to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as well as communicate these efforts with their consumers.

Measuring, quantifying, and assessing GHG emissions is necessary to identify the impact of coffee production on the climate and provides the basis for identifying targeted reduction measures. Decreasing the carbon footprint of coffee cultivation and processing. and implementing carbon compensation mechanisms for unavoidable emissions, are key for achieving climate neutrality in coffee production in the long term.

The 4C Carbon Footprint Add-On has been published on the 4C webpage for a six week public consultation period until 16 March 2022. 4C will also set up a Stakeholder Committee to elaborate on and improve the application of the Add-On in practical terms.

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