Celebrating Coffee Enterprises 30th Anniversary

The industry’s first independent testing laboratory for coffee & tea continues to grow and evolve — Hinesburg, Vermont (February 2022).

Founded by coffee industry luminary Dan Cox in 1992, Coffee Enterprises epitomizes entrepreneurial spirit and leadership. Recognizing a need for independent specialized services that were not available Cox established the company to serve the coffee industry and continues to lead Coffee Enterprises as Owner and President.

“The coffee industry was much different in those days” reminisces Cox, “great coffee was available, but was not as widespread as today. Our testing laboratory for coffee and tea is now more comprehensive for both standard and specialty quality, and our consulting services are more dynamic than ever before.”

In the beginning our services were coffee operations consulting and selling coffee extracts and solubles. We quickly realized a critical industry need for independent, unbiased quality control testing and product development services and built a world-class laboratory to support coffee traders, roasters, and private-label brands. The emergence of specialty coffee and significant advances of analytical technologies facilitated our growth with additional capabilities and expertise to meet the changing needs of our clients.

“We have evolved from green and roasted coffee analysis.” adds Spencer Turer, Coffee Enterprises’ Vice President. He continues, “We developed extensive food safety and chemical testing services, our staff has an impressive number of industry certifications, our tea analysis capabilities are world-class, and our consulting services are based on practical expertise learned by directly managing and executing coffee business operations.”

Not slowing down, Cox and his team continue to seek out new analytical technologies for physical testing and sensory analysis. We do not sell coffee or tea; we test coffee and tea. Our team specializes in the evaluation and improvement of coffee & tea throughout the global supply chain from producers and traders to manufacturers, private-label brands, and foodservice operators. Our experience enables us to provide insights that assist our clients in making informed decisions in managing their beverage program by addressing practical issues from a scientific perspective.

Contact us by telephone +1 (802) 864-5760 or +1 (800) 375-3398 or by email info@ce.coffee to learn how we can contribute to your success.

We are online at https://www.coffeeenterprises.com/ and are active on social media: https://www.instagram.com/coffeeenterprises/, https://www.facebook.com/CoffeeEnterprises, and https://www.linkedin.com/company/coffee-enterprises.

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