Fazenda Sets New Bar For Customer Service In The Specialty Coffee Category

Specialty coffee roaster ensures smooth, worry-free coffee program

Boston, Mass. – (February 10, 2020) – Fazenda Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster dedicated to crafting the finest quality coffee, has established itself as the leading customer service focused roaster in New England. In addition to providing its customers with the highest-quality, close-to-harvest coffee beans, Fazenda ensures a smooth, worry-free coffee program for a growing number of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, luxury hotels, and other high-end establishments. As the company continues its mission to provide both product and service excellence, it is expanding its customer service practice to include a new online app, set to launch early 2020.

Fazenda works closely with all customers to carefully curate a coffee program and tailored drink selection. Working with the finest establishments, Fazenda goes far beyond solely supplying its specialty coffee beans. The company equips clients with top-of-the-line coffee and espresso brewing equipment, an interactive barista training and provides continuous, in-person barista and wait staff training. Additionally, Fazenda offers on-site equipment service and support, as well as preventive maintenance, available seven days a week.

Fazenda continues to find ways to better serve its customers. The company is now in the beta phase of developing its new order and service application, which is set to formally launch in February 2020. The application can be used by customers to re-order/order coffee and schedule service appointments at the click of a button. Users will be able to create a profile, then easily select the coffee they would like to order, and have it sent right to their location. Orders are saved and easily accessible for any future re-orders.
“We are excited to further our customer service efforts with the development of our new service and order application,” says Fazenda Founder and CEO Philip Schein. “Our customers rely on us to help them run a worry-free coffee program. Those that have utilized the beta version of the app say it’s helped save crucial time, allowing them to focus on the many other duties of running their establishments.”
About Fazenda
Founded in Boston in 2008, Fazenda is a specialty coffee roaster dedicated to crafting the highest quality coffees. From sourcing and providing its customers with the highest quality, close-to-harvest beans, to creating specialized coffee programs for cafés, restaurants, bakeries, luxury hotels, and other high-end establishments, Fazenda provides the knowledge that will help deliver a great cup of coffee. As one of New England’s leading specialty roaster, the company prides itself on its commitment to sustainable farming practices and an environmentally friendly operation. For more information, please visit: https://www.fazendacoffee.com/

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