Colombian Based Coffee Exporter Those Coffee People Announces Online Platform For Direct Trade Green Coffee Exports

Medellin, Colombia. March 12, 2020. Those Coffee People today announces the launch of its new online matching and ordering platform for Colombian direct trade specialty green coffee. The platform is designed to both showcase the wide variety of specialty coffee origins that are available from small independent growers in Colombia, as well as make the bulk ordering of green coffee as seamless an experience as possible for international buyers.

Those Coffee People have set up partnerships with independent specialty coffee growers throughout Colombia, in order to connect them to global buyers via their online matching and ordering platform. The intention is to showcase the extraordinary range of varieties that the country has to offer and to make transactions as easy as possible for international buyers. It will do this using an online matching quiz, which pairs available coffee origins with customers’ tastes.

Colombian coffee farmers have been struggling for a number of years due to the large drop in wholesale prices on global markets. In response, the Colombian government announced last month a $64 million Coffee Stabilization Fund, which is aimed at further increasing the quality of coffee production in the country, to enlarge their share of the higher-paying specialty coffee market. Those Coffee People hope that their new platform can play a small role in promoting this industry to international buyers and increasing both order volumes and values for growers.

“We are delighted to have launched our online matching and ordering platform for international green coffee buyers, which will provide the best of both worlds for buyers and sellers alike,” said Jennifer Poole, Co-Founder of Those Coffee People. “Buyers have the ease of browsing varieties that best suit their needs and completing their orders through the platform, while growers get to directly showcase their amazing specialty origins to buyers throughout the world”.

“And with the recent announcement by the Colombian government to invest significantly in specialty coffee via the Coffee Stabilization Fund, our new platform is perfectly placed to help connect this ever-increasing number of growers with expanding global demand that shows no sign of stopping,” continued Jennifer.

Those Coffee People is a specialist Colombian green coffee supplier directly serving cafes and roasters throughout the world who want the very best direct trade coffee. Our spirit of adventure and discovery enables us to source the best coffee Colombia has to offer. And working with an incredible network of local farmers, cooperatives and logistics partners means we can deliver a seamless farm to cup experience. Find out more at

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