Franke Wins Foodservice Hot Beverages 2023 Category Captains Award

Smyrna, Tennessee – March 2, 2023

Franke Coffee Systems – Americas was selected as the Foodservice Hot Beverages 2023 Convenience Store News Category Captain. Now in its 10th year, the award recognizes suppliers who excel in innovation, creativity, and for their contribution to growth and profits across the entire category.

The past few years have been filled with change. And the convenience channel has been unbelievably resilient in the face of uncertainty. Franke believes that constant change and innovation opens up a world of opportunities for them to bring solutions to their customers. Staying ahead of category trends, shopper insights, and the needs of its convenience store partners is important to its success and the success of the entire foodservice hot beverages category. Through the development of innovative technologies, Franke will continue to make products and services so adaptable that its product offering grows alongside their convenience store partners and consumers hot beverage needs.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to work closely with our convenience store partners and colleagues. We see this award as a chance to share our category insights, help solve category challenges, and to inspire thought leadership that benefits the entire foodservice hot beverages category – that is exciting for the Franke team” said, Corrie Byron, President of Coffee Systems at Franke. “As category captain of foodservice hot beverages, we look forward to finding new ways to adapt to this everchanging channel and to elevating the guest coffee experience with our convenience store partners.”

In the c-store channel, foodservice category sales growth is driven primarily by prepared food and hot dispensed beverages. A good coffee program is critical to the hot dispensed category – today’s consumers expect high quality coffee, wherever they go. Franke’s product innovation around bean-to-cup equipment, most recently introducing the A400 Fresh Brew, grind whole beans fresh for each cup – delivering on consumers expectations for high quality while also reducing waste by brewing on-demand. This type of innovation contributes to category sales growth and allows Franke to customize coffee programs to meet the specific needs of its customers.

“Consumer preferences and away from home coffee consumption has changed in recent years.” said Brittany Tresemer, Marketing Director at Franke. “This award aligns with our commitment to our customers to be innovative, creative, and insightful to meet the needs of the evolving consumer. This is why we closely work with our customers to uncover challenges and to transform those challenges into opportunities. At Franke, we help drive growth through category insights, merchandising solutions, webinars, and product innovation to meet our customer needs and to grow the category. Our marketing resources are dedicated to everyone winning in this channel.”

About Franke Coffee Systems
Franke Coffee Systems, a division of the Franke Group, is a technology and solution provider of fully automatic coffee machines for professional coffee making needs. Our passion for the best coffee quality motivates us to elevate the customer experience through sharing state-of-the-art innovations and profound industry expertise.

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