Curtis GemX™ IntelliFresh® Coffee Brewing System with FreshTrac® Combines Engineering Excellence With Elegance


MONTEBELLO, CA – Curtis, part of the SEB PROFESSIONAL North America family of industry-leading coffee solutions, recently announced the nationwide availability of the GemX® IntelliFresh® Commercial Coffee Brewer with FreshTrac®. The brewer is easy to use and supremely effective, allowing operators to offer a high-quality cup of coffee while managing dayparts and running a business.
“For business owners impacted by COVID-19, the GemX can help bring autonomy to brewing operations,” said Emmanuel Couppey, vice president of marketing at SEB PROFESSIONAL North America. “It requires minimal labor and training to successfully use, so operators can focus on navigating other challenges, knowing the coffee-brewing aspect of their business is under control.”
Curtis engineering originates from a proud lineage of coffee brewers stretching back to 1980 and the introduction of the brand’s famed Gemini® Satellite Brewer. Decades later, with experience and expertise to guide them, the Curtis team has evolved to release GemX, the pinnacle of Curtis innovation.

“This brewer combines ingenuity and brilliant design elements to power a superior batch brew coffee program,” explained Couppey. “Its engineering excellence helps C-stores, hotels, restaurants, roasters and specialty coffee houses maximize coffee freshness, reduce labor and deliver a better customer experience.”
The GemX comes fully loaded with technologies proven to make gourmet coffee brewing easy for all skill levels with just the push of a button. Slender and sophisticated, the brewer easily adapts to any countertop aesthetic and will attract consumers by its eye-catching design.

In addition to its chic exterior, the GemX is also equipped with advanced technology to enhance performance, quality and functionality. Curtis FreshTrac technology takes the guesswork out of serving fresh, foodservice coffee while also streamlining labor costs. It replaces often-distracting audible alarms and mechanical timers with a simple, intuitive and customizable system of three LEDs that glow and flash, letting operators track coffee freshness from across the room.

Because over- or under-heating can negatively impact coffee flavor, the GemX is also engineered with Curtis IntelliFresh technology, a “gentle” heating system that keeps coffee at its ideal temperature regardless of the volume in the satellite. IntelliFresh delivers digitally controlled pulses of heat and features encapsulated “brains” inside each satellite with four sensor points to monitor brew level and status. GemX satellites on remote stands also carry the same freshness “intelligence” as when on the brewer.
Operators can choose from two proven Curtis operating systems: G3 GemX with its universal control module and easy-to-read, true-green LED display; or G4 technology with its large 4.3-inch icon-driven interface, onscreen instructions for fast, intuitive training and real-time feedback on the brewing process, and a USB port that easily transfer recipes from store to store.
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Curtis combines 75 years of passion for coffee with technology, innovation and a commitment to do the right thing for customers and the environment. Learn more about the GemX IntelliFresh Commercial Coffee Brewer with FreshTrac by visiting

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