6th National Quality Contest: Colombia Land of Diversity

 6th National Quality Contest: Colombia Land of Diversity

1,100 coffee growers from 15 regions in Colombia showcased their best coffee lots during the harvest of November – February 2021.

This competition is organized and run by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and rewards the Effort, Dedication and Commitment to Quality of the Colombian coffee farmers.

This year 1,110 coffee lots were presented in the different municipalities of the country.

To enter, the coffee growers visited the closest point of purchase of the Cooperatives, to deliver the full lot and to get paid for the coffee. A group of cuppers did the selection of the lots with 86+ score on the SCA cupping protocol. From the 1.110 lots that participated, 210 passed to the second cupping round.

The best lots of every region were cupped at the second cupping to select the best lots from the 210 cupped.

In the third cupping round, the cuppers evaluated the final lots to select the best of the best. Now, the top 26 lots are selected and international judges from different parts of the world are giving their own scores and getting positively impressed!

Today we celebrate the diversity of Colombian coffees and growing regions by honouring coffee growers and their farms.

For more information, visit www.colombialandofdiversity.com

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