Rarebird Px (paraxanthine) Coffee wins Best New Product at SCA Expo

Rarebird is revolutionizing coffee for the modern era with the world’s first caffeine replacement: Px (paraxanthine) coffee. Rarebird’s Px Coffee received the prestigious “Best New Product” Award at the 2023 Specialty Coffee Association Expo in Portland.

Px is the primary metabolite of caffeine, occurring naturally in the body when caffeine breaks down. What sets Px apart is its ability to retain caffeine’s stimulatory properties while mitigating many of caffeine’s associated negative side effects (the jittery, wired, or over-caffeinated feeling). The body also metabolizes Px faster than caffeine, so Px is less likely to negatively affect sleep quality.

You may be wondering how it works and, more importantly, how it tastes. This coffee showcases a wonderful single-origin Colombian bean where the caffeine is extracted and then the bean is infused with paraxanthine. Brewed like any other coffee, you can expect delicate and approachable tasting notes. The key distinction lies in the way it makes you feel.

Px coffee isn’t a caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. It’s a new kind of brew that elevates your mood, enhances productivity & invigorates your mind. Currently, it is exclusively available online at rarebird.coffee. Try a 4 oz., trial-size bag with a 25%-off discount using the code “coffeetalk” to experience the difference firsthand.

If you’re interested in discussing potential wholesale opportunities, feel free to reach out to the Rarebird Team at contact@rarebird.coffee

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