Specialty Coffee Revolution in Italy

The Coffee Quality Institute, a global organization committed since 1996 to improving the quality of coffee and the conditions of those who produce it, appoints IMPERATOR from Trieste as its first Italian in-country partner.

Imperator S.r.l., the historic Trieste-based green coffee importer, is the first and only Italian In-country Partner (ICP) that will be able to offer customers the possibility of certifying specialty coffee using laboratories and procedures that meet the highest international standards. This nomination begins a new chapter in the history of Specialty Coffee in Italy and constitutes an unprecedented opportunity for lovers, who will be able to have their coffee certified by qualified Q Graders directly at the Friuli Venezia GIulia company which, as partner of CQI, it will be the national hub where it will be possible to evaluate the quality of coffee, both arabica and robusta, according to the internationally recognized CQI standards. The “Q” certification system is, in fact, an extremely craved recognition for specialty coffee lovers, according to a reliable and standardized method. In this sense, the company’s in-depth knowledge of the CQI programs and adherence to the rigorous protocols that guarantee the integrity of the Q Coffee System are fundamental. Only a few centers in the world have the power to award this certification and thanks to this nomination, Italy will finally have an official headquarters and precise specifications on which to base its approach to specialty coffee. “It is an extraordinary result for the entire specialty coffee sector in Italy”, says Alberto Polojac, Q Arabica Instructor and Quality Manager of Imperator “Now more than ever there is a responsibility to lead the coffee industry in Italy towards greater quality and sustainability. Imperator is ready to promote a coffee culture that respects tradition and innovation, to lead the industry towards a bright and innovative future.”

In terms of responsibility and sustainability, the company’s implementation of a new control system stands out which, in addition to the organoleptic analysis and extrinsic information of a specific batch, can also include DNA control for the specific variety of coffee: innovative update, synonymous with greater transparency and authenticity in the certification process, aimed at providing further guarantees on the quality and origin of the certified specialty coffee. Elements that in the future will be added to the provisions of the new EUDR regulations on traceability and deforestation.

Imperator S.r.l. shortly Importer of raw coffee, based in Trieste, the first Italian port in the coffee trade and among the largest in Europe.

Campo Del Belvedere
6 34135 Trieste, Italy
38.000 bags of coffee/year

In house partner brand Bloom Coffee School is Imperator’s training space which boasts recognition by SCA (the most authoritative global association for the promotion of excellence in the world of coffee) as Premier Training Campus and by the Coffee Quality Institute as Q  Professional Venue

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