Web Connectivity Brings The Ancient Kyoto Brewing Method Into The 21st Century

The new ACE Brewer from Brew Bomb is a Cutting Edge Solution for cold brewing at the shop level. Utilizing Active Cold Extraction with Pulse Brewing, the Kyoto style brewer crafts 5 gallons of tantalizingly delicious Cold Brew Coffee in 2 hours or less. The Ace Brewer makes slow drip cold brew by following a user created brew profile, which when executed by the brewer’s control system, manages the brewing variables such as time, flow rate and yield. The end result is specialty cold brew consistently crafted to precise standards.

To facilitate creating and recalling a brew profile, Brew Bomb integrated the Ace Brewer into a connected network architecture. This network, managed through a mobile phone or PC, provides the ability to create and share a profile with either a single brewer or complete network of brewers. Once the profile is shared within your brewer network, a local barista simply recalls the profile and follows the onscreen Brew Wizard. Press run and the Ace Brewer automatically follows the recalled brew profile to craft the brew precisely as intended. Having connected brew profiles removes the barriers for scaling since expensive cold chain distribution is replaced with web distributed brew profiles and on site brewing.

For More Information: Ray@Brewbomb.com

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