Vancouver’s Most Notable Coffee Experts Launch Their New Venture: Harken Coffee Roasting Company

Vancouver, BC (June 17, 2020) – Harken Coffee has officially opened its doors in Japantown, offering ethically sourced specialty coffee procured by some of Vancouver’s most notable coffee experts – alongside a Japanese-inspired fully plant-based food menu. In a simple yet elegant space created by design studio Comh-A, customers can expect a Melbourne type shop experience while being served Nordic Style coffee.

Leading the operations is Eldric Stuart, well known within Vancouver’s coffee scene from his first business venture, a 4-seat brew bar known as Aubade Coffee. Rooted in the personalized experience created by Stuart, the award-winning setup was featured in Lonely Planet’s book: Global Coffee Tour as one of the most interesting 150 coffee shops in the world. Upon shifting focus from the now-closed Aubade to his newest venture, Stuart strives to instill that same intimate experience, starting with the perfect cup of coffee.

“At Harken, our concept was to take the ideas and structures that already exist in coffee shops but to bring an element of refined elegance, thoughtful design and engaging experience that is often absent in most North American coffee shops. We value coffee as a craft, and a valuable resource that many hands are involved in from the farming and cultivating right through the roasting and brewing of the final product.”

Stuart worked closely with Head Roaster, Stacey Lynden, to identity great importers who have strong relationships with the farmers they work with. Lynden is well known in competitive coffee circles with an extensive list of achievements, including the 2019 winner of the Barista League LA with her partner, Steve Cuevas. Over the past year, she’s put the finishing touches on Harken’s four core blends: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – while also offering a rotating selection of single-origin beans.

“With our four core blends we seek to evoke memories and feelings of the four seasons, whereas our single origins are roasted to highlight and accentuate their unique characteristics and delicious flavour profiles. Our goal is to roast for clarity, texture, and character, to achieve this we are working closely with our importers to bring in coffees that are not only delicious but ethically sourced, as well, and it is our goal to be as transparent as possible with our purchasing processes and costs.”

Naturally, the ongoing pandemic presents a challenge to create an intimate experience with physical distancing measures in place. Stuart’s solution? Staying focused on providing an outstanding cup of coffee, whether it’s fresh from the Powell Street shop, or brewed at home through their direct-to-consumer retail program.

“We are very glad to have the opportunity to ship our coffee for customers to enjoy in their homes, and in a way, that will feel just like sitting down with them to enjoy it together.”

Coffee and baked goods are available Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 3pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 5pm, while the full menu starts at 11am. The food menu is available through takeout at 338 Powell Street, pre-order for pick up, or delivery through DoorDash.

Harken Coffee Roasting Company
338 Powell St, Vancouver BC
Tel: (604) 661 1142
Social: @HarkenCoffee
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