Focus on People! How the coffee sector can ensure smallholder families’ livelihoods

The vision of International Coffee Partners (ICP) to improve the livelihoods of smallholder coffee farming families has become more relevant than ever. Marking its 20 Years Anniversary, ICP invites to participate on Tuesday, June 15th at 10 am CEST (Hamburg) in the digital celebration and panel discussion “Focus on People! How the coffee sector can ensure smallholder families’ livelihoods”.

We will both mark ICP’s 20th anniversary and discuss the pressing issues smallholders are facing in the coffee sector and the solutions ICP is developing with them. Promoting family businesses and entrepreneurship, ICP is putting people at the centre of its work. The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for smallholders are tremendous. The impacts of climate change increasingly threaten coffee farming while more and more youths no longer see a future in agriculture, many look to migrate away from rural communities. We would like to take this opportunity to discuss possibilities for a mutual understanding of actions that can be taken by the coffee sector to tackle these issues. Our goal is to assure improved smallholder families’ livelihoods – and the role of coffee in the development of thriving communities. Furthermore, we would like to discuss with you whether the ICP approach offers a valid contribution to the necessary change.

As a pre-competitive partnership of the eight leading European family-owned coffee companies Delta Cafés (Portugal), Franck (Croatia), Joh. Johannson (Norway), Lavazza (Italy), Löfbergs (Sweden), Neumann Gruppe (Germany), Paulig (Finland) and Tchibo (Germany), ICP implements a holistic approach based on mutual interests to help improve smallholder families’ livelihoods.


Kathrine Löfberg | Chairperson ICP
Giuseppe Lavazza | Vice Chairman, Lavazza Group
Michael R. Neumann | Member of the Advisory Council, Neumann Gruppe
Michael Opitz | Managing Director, Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung Hamburg
Gunter Schall | Head of Unit Private Sector and Development, Austrian Development Agency
Moderation: Sara Morrocchi

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About ICP
International Coffee Partners (ICP) is a pre-competitive initiative of the leading European family-owned coffee companies, Delta Cafés of Portugal, Franck of Croatia, Paulig of Finland, Joh. Johannson of Norway, Löfbergs of Sweden, Lavazza of Italy, Neumann Gruppe of Germany and Tchibo of Germany. ICP’s objective is to contribute know-how to establish a sustainable coffee sector in key producing countries through the implementation of best-practice projects in coffee farmer communities. ICP projects are implemented by Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS).

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