MASTERS OF COFFEE Study & Examination Program Launches

The Los Angeles based MASTERS OF COFFEE organization is announcing the global launch of a new coffee-dedicated study and examination program.

Over recent years, global interest in beverage appreciation and sommelier skills have grown strongly, arising from wine, expanding into spirits and other complex beverages.

New coffee enthusiasts as well as experienced coffee hobbyists located around the world now have the opportunity to deepen their passion for coffee and reach in-depth coffee knowledge by enrolling for the CERTIFIED COFFEE SPECIALIST (CCS) credential.

Candidates prepare for the exam remotely, with an illustrated study guide that they receive upon enrollment. The text is one of the most comprehensive, clear and current treatments of coffee knowledge available today.

A detailed online exam consisting of 100 questions needs to be passed with at least 75 points to become a CERTIFIED COFFEE SPECIALIST, and to receive the printed diploma and lapel pin.

The study topics include all important facets of coffee growing, harvesting and processing, as well as coffee making and tasting. The total program cost is $595.

Passing the CERTIFIED COFFEE SPECIALIST exam allows candidates to enroll for the 2nd and highest level, the MASTER OF COFFEE credential. Multi-day in-person exams will take place once a year in Los Angeles.

The MASTERS OF COFFEE organization is advised by a board of respected and prominent coffee veterans from around the world. Specifics of the Advisory Board and its members will be announced soon.

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