Get a Free Flow Control Device with the Purchase of a Prosumer Machine

The hottest new trend in high-end espresso brewing is flow control, or using brew water flow rate during pre-infusion and extraction to bring out nuances in your coffee. During the month of July, Whole Latte Love will be bringing coffee-lovers a sale like no other by offering free flow control devices on E61 espresso machines purchased from ECM and Profitec.

Whole Latte Love primarily sells two brands of flow control machines: ECM and Profitec. These prosumers supply coffee-lovers with the opportunity to replicate barista-style shots through controlling the length of pre-infusion and the amount of water flowing through coffee pucks. Not to mention, users can change the flow rate setting with the shot timing on either the ECM Synchronika or Profitec Pro 700 to consistently repeat profiles.

Flow control can be used on all coffee roasts. By adjusting flow rate and timing, users can alter the acidity, sweetness, and body of their coffee. With a light roast, you’ll want to tone down the high acidity and original sweetness. A medium roast coffee is a great start into flow control, as it is well-balanced and has pleasant flavors. For dark roasts with bold flavors and little-to-no acidity, you can still keep those strong profiles but tone down the bitterness for a naturally sweet coffee.

Through experimenting with flow control, users are able to manipulate different variables of coffee depending on the flavor and style they want in an end product. Flow control opens up a new chapter of possibilities in the espresso world that you just can’t get at local coffee chains.

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