Whole Latte Love Celebrates Gaggia Classic 30th Anniversary with #Gaggia30Giveaway

ROCHESTER, NY — To help celebrate three decades of success and industry leading excellence, Gaggia has released the Classic Pro 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Espresso Machine, a unique version of an 100% Italian-made icon with a limited production run of just 3,000 pieces.

Whole Latte Love, in partnership with Gaggia, has obtained 1,188 of the 3,000 pieces produced and is hosting a #Gaggia30Giveaway, a contest running from Wednesday, August 18 to September 22, 2021 at 11:59PM EDT to give away two of these exclusive machines.

The first machine giveaway is exclusive to current and previous owners of Gaggia machines, while the second is for espresso and coffee lovers who have, for whatever reason, never owned a Gaggia machine but would like to.

To enter, visit Whole Latte Love’s #Gaggia30Giveaway page (https://www.wholelattelove.com/pages/gaggia-anniversary-giveaway) and click “ENTER HERE TO WIN.” From there, you will be directed to a third party site and be instructed to fill out your name and email address, and answer the questions that appear. After that, click continue to enter your submission. A winner will be selected at random and contacted once the contest ends. This contest is only available to residents of the United States and Canada.

Once submitted, you also have the option of gaining additional entries by sharing #Gaggia30Giveaway content on Whole Latte Love’s various social media platforms. Like @WholeLatteLoveOnline on Facebook, and follow @wholelattelove on Instagram, and @wholelattelove on Pinterest for more information. Please note, official contest entries can only be made by visiting the contest landing page and submitting via email.

Whole Latte Love’s remaining stock of the Gaggia Classic Pro 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Espresso Machine is now available for purchase (https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/gaggia-classic-pro-30th-anniversary-espresso-machine). Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The mind behind the artwork on the Classic Pro 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Espresso Machine is Italian artist Pierpaolo Gaballo. Gaballo is an illustrator, graphic designer, and artist who sums up his work with the expression “I seek the center,” a concept that suggests a creativity that defies categories or stylistic codes. As shown on the Classic Pro 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Machine, Gaballo prefers black and white drawings as they provide “an absolutely elegant contrast that adapts to any support or scenario” and express “the balance between positive and negative.”

For the Classic Pro 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Espresso Machine, Gaballo developed a design that would effectively symbolize elegance, staying power, and industry pioneering performance of the original Gaggia Classic. Gaballo chose the concept of the Acrobat and the Home Barista, as both are performers who combine preparation with dexterity, practice, and balance. This concept is shown on the housing of the machine, with artistic depictions of the Acrobat and the Home Barista mirroring one another across the sides of the machine’s sleek, stainless steel body. To further authenticate the limited stock of the machine, Gaggia has inscribed each with a unique number (1 to 3,000) to denote order of assembly on the production line.

Internally, this edition of the Classic Pro offers the same reliability, affordability and power that at-home baristas have been enamored with for the past 30 years. Notable features include a rapid heating boiler, 3-way solenoid valve, 58 mm commercial chrome-plated brass portafilter, and stainless steel shower holding plate. Also included is a commercial style steam wand, making the Classic Pro the ideal machine for producing rich, velvety milk foam for latte art.

Visit Whole Latte Love’s #Gaggia30Giveaway page for more information. The Gaggia Classic Pro 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Espresso Machine is also available for purchase at wholelattelove.com, while supplies last.

Purchase a piece of history, today! For more information, contact sales@wholelattelove.com

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