Arc S Sample Coffee Roaster Launches With Global Distribution


Brooklyn, New York, USA: Showroom Coffee, a purveyor of green coffee and select roasting machines, announces the arrival of the Arc S Sample Roaster to its equipment line up. The 50-200g capacity sample roaster was designed with craftsmanship, roast quality and affordability in mind. The Arc S allows coffee professionals to customize their lab with the right number of barrels for their operations. Whether that is 1, 2, 3 or 4 barrel roaster, all machines connect easily onto common gas and airflow lines. Its innovative closed-drum barrel design provides for a more efficient roasting environment and better calibration of coffee quality between sample roasts and production roasts.

The sample roaster is priced competitively at $2,900 for a single barrel with discounts on purchases of multi-barrel units. Roasters are shipped globally and require minimal lead time. The Arc S is a sample roasting system designed for roasters, importers, quality control labs, exporters, and coffee farmers.

The Arc S was a featured product in the Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) New In Coffee collection for 2020. “We have been working with the engineering and production teams at our factory since 2018 to develop a sample roaster that mimics a close-drum roasting environment,” says Taylor Mork, Co-Founder of Showroom Coffee. “By doing this, sample roasts produced by the Arc S closely represent how the coffee will taste after a production roast—for consistency and increasing accuracy of your target flavor profiles. Like its bigger-barrel sibling, the Arc 800, the Arc S needed to meet the top specifications for the specialty industry while being simple to install, operate, and maintain.” Mork also notes, “And it sure doesn’t hurt that the machine is nice on the eyes!”

Features and benefits of Arc S include the following:
· Variable drum speed on each drum
· Stepless airflow control on each drum
· USB connection for roasting software
· Ability to connect 2, 3, or 4 machines together on single gas and exhaust lines. Each barrel operates in a “closed environment” on its own heat, exhaust fan, and cooling system.
· 110v or 220v electricity; LPG or LNG gas, electrical and gas connections customized to customer’s country

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About Showroom Coffee: Showroom Coffee is the sister company to Crop to Cup Coffee Importers. It is devoted to serving startup and small-scale roasting businesses, home roasters, or anybody looking to order green beans in convenient pack sizes (2lb, 10lb, 33lb, 66lb and full 60+kg bags). Showroom Coffee also serves industry professionals and enthusiasts with small-scale roasters (Arc 800 and the Arc S sample roaster) and necessary tools for quality control, from cupping bowls to aroma kits.

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