Caskai Cold Brew Cascara Launches On Indiegogo

Seattle, WA – November 1, 2020 — Caskai, a producer of upcycled cascara-based beverages, is launching a new product-line, Caskai Cold Brew Cascara. The new drink is an evolution of Caskai’s first cascara drink, the award-winning Sparkling Cascara Infusion, introduced in 2017. The new cold brew is 5x stronger than the original bringing out even more of the nutritional, health, and energizing benefits of cascara. Additionally, European black elderberry extract was added for both its complimentary flavor and immune boosting benefits.

Cascara, the dried fruit of the coffee cherry, has been used in small communities in Africa and the Middle East for more than 1,000 years, and products have been present in the US since 2013, but its nutritional benefits are not widely known. “Little attention has been given to the health and functional benefits of cascara. It was overlooked due to the perception of it as a waste product. The nutritional profile is substantial.”
says Uschi Zimmermann, cofounder. In addition containing natural caffeine, cascara contains many other nutrients and bioactive compounds such as potassium and magnesium, all essential amino acids, fatty acids, Vitamin E, and a complex profile of polyphenols. Polyphenols are compounds a plant produces to protect itself from disease and insects and are also very beneficial to human health and are being researched for their potential antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, cardio and neuro protective, and other beneficial properties.

The idea of Black Elderberry came from the founders own use of it in juices they make for their family. Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BC) a greek physician known as the father of modern medicine, referred to the Eldertree as his “medicine chest.” Although already growing in popularity before Covid 19, the demand for Elderberry products has surged. Its immune, upper respiratory support and anti-inflammatory effects are attributed to its polyphenol contents, specifically anthocyanins which also give it its deep purple color.

The complete ingredient list is simple – carbonated water, cascara, organic cane sugar, elderberry extract, and tartaric acid (from wine grapes). Only Premium Sun-dried Cascara™ is used, sourced from specialty grade arabica coffee grown in the Chiriqui highlands of Panama. Caskai selected Eldercraft® Elderberry extract made by Iprona of South Tyrol, Italy. Iprona uses a special variety of Austrian grown elderberries called “Haschberg” known for its quality and high polyphenol contents.

Caskai Cold Brew Cascara will be produced in very limited quantities in the US in 12 fl oz sleek aluminum cans. It is currently being introduced on Indiegogo at

Caskai was founded by Joel Jelderks and Uschi Zimmerman. Zimmermann is the founder of Panama Varietals, an importer of specialty grade Panamanian coffees and Gold Kind Coffee, a coffee roastery, both based in Austria. Jelderks, originally from Seattle, WA, is the driving force behind getting cascara approved as a novel food in the EU, a four year project coming to fruition in 2021.

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