Relaunching PDG Español: Custom Content For Spanish-Speaking Coffee Professionals


PDG Español has been relaunched to provide original, Spanish-language content,
sponsored by Mayorga Organics; the publication expects 2.5 million pageviews in the next
12 months.

Perfect Daily Grind (PDG) launched PDG Español in 2016 to support coffee producers in
Spanish-speaking countries to provide free and accessible educational content written in

PDG Español celebrated its fourth anniversary in August 2020. It now expects more than 2.5
million page views in the next 12 months. However, the knock-on effects of the Covid-19
pandemic and climate change continue to threaten the livelihoods of coffee producers,
meaning the need for accessible information is greater than ever.

As such, PDG Español is being relaunched to support coffee producers in Spanish-speaking
Latin America.

The publication’s mission is to develop and offer accessible educational resources for coffee
producers and other Spanish-speaking coffee professionals. To achieve this, it will be
publishing a minimum of three original Spanish articles every week . Up until now, all
content published on PDG Español was translated from the English website.
By publishing original content in Spanish, written by Spanish-speaking writers who have
expertise across the coffee supply chain, PDG Español will be able focus on topics that
resonate with coffee producers. It will also interview coffee supply chain experts who are
from Spanish-speaking Latin America. This is an area of the world which is uniquely rich in
coffee sector expertise.

PDG Español original content will be customised, relevant, objective, and ultimately informed
by reader feedback. It will also be timely; for example, articles about coffee production are
more helpful before a major harvest than afterwards.

This content will cover topics and areas that aren’t regularly discussed online when people
talk about coffee. It will be informative, engaging, and above all else, accessible, to ensure
that our efforts are maximising value for the people reading these articles.

PDG Español will work in close collaboration with its new Impact Partner, Mayorga Organics .
Martin Mayorga reached out to PDG and explained that he wanted to help scale and
leverage the impact of PDG Español, with a specific focus on supporting smallholder

Martin Mayorga says: “Any real impact on the coffee industry starts in coffee-growing
communities. For years, publications haven’t given these communities the importance they
deserve, further isolating farmers from the market.

“I’m excited to be part of PDG Español’s focus creating content for coffee communities in
Latin America and other Spanish-speaking regions.”

Founder of Perfect Daily Grind, Henry Wilson, says: “We always want to scale our impact
and support producers in particular to maximise their income.

“The one core thing that has been lacking across the industry is relevant, objective
information, specifically in the form of accessible educational content.

“ We want Spanish-speaking Latin America as a whole to be recognized as an area where
there is real thought leadership in the coffee sector.

We will be leveraging this expertise through the people and organisations we interview, who
will be Spanish-speaking Latin American producers, roasters, café owners, NGOs, traders,
and more. We will also be employing full-staff and writers in this region, too.”

PDG Español officially relaunched on October 21. It will start releasing original
Spanish-language content from November onwards.

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