Cold Brew Connection: Uniting the Cold Brew Community

Cold Brew Connection has announced a website designed to unite the cold brew community. The goal is to link customers on a single platform to educate individuals and help foster the growth of the cold brew industry. This will bring knowledge and experience together to create a path to success for both the vendor, and the customer.

Due to tradeshows and other in person experiences being cancelled around the world, CBC has created an online destination designed to unite the cold brew community. The goal was to find a way to bring vendors, customers, entrepreneurs, and cold brew enthusiasts together to a single online platform.

The website, (CBC), is the one stop shop for commercial cold brewers of any size. The website will showcase new and existing products for the cold brew beverage industry, and customers will have the opportunity to visit with partners with vast experience in brewing. CBC will also highlight different roasters each month to give customers the opportunity to try unique coffees from around the world.

CBC will be working with some of the great names connected to the cold brew industry such as AeroPress, Grindmaster, 1883, CoffeeWorks, TinyTanks, and Dolium, and hopes to have you alongside as they continue to grow in the cold brew industry.

With the resources that are presented to you within this one stop shop, we endeavor to work with you to grow your cold brew business.

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