DCF The Future of Coffee Logistics Summit

Digital Coffee Future presents The Future of Coffee Logistics Summit. Logistics issues have become the norm in coffee today. Whether the problems result from the COVID-19 pandemic, industry fragmentation, lack of streamlining, global politics, or complications
with major shipping lines, the issues impact everyone's business. In this context, on November 17th & 18th, the interactive virtual community for coffee actors Digital Coffee Future is set to host the Future of Coffee Logistics Summit. The event will be hosted on a professional platform combining various panels, virtual workshops, and networking opportunities.

Attendees will have the opportunity to directly interact with stakeholders, exchange experiences, and build new personal and professional relationships in the coffee trade. This event was designed to discuss promising solutions for the Logtech market today and tomorrow,
by looking at innovative technologies from the perspective of the specialty and commodity coffee trade. This allows for a more efficient approach to coffee logistics and creates digital opportunities for profit and the planet.

The full program, as well as the list of speakers, can be found here. To make the event as accessible and inclusive as possible, most of the panels will be presented in English with Spanish translation. One panel, “Moving bigger volumes: challenges and opportunities”
will be held in Spanish with English translation. Tickets are for sale here. The fee to attend both days is €70, but Early Bird Price -valid until Nov
1 st – is €35.

There´s also an option for producers, cooperatives, and farmer associations to apply for one of 30 tickets that CropConex has made available, by answering a few questions on Digital Coffee Future’s website. Applications for these free tickets are due on November 6 th.

The event is sponsored by CropConex, Savor Brands, Cropster, Vollers, Coffee Friend, and Mercon. Digital Coffee Future is an interactive virtual community where any coffee actor can exchange knowledge and learn about tools used in coffee digitalization. Founded in 2020, DCF brings together
farmer organizations, traders, roasters, NGOs, public institutions, tech providers, academics, baristas and individual coffee professionals by creating a neutral and pre-competitive space to discuss how both digital and non-digital interventions can come together and complement one
another to forge a more solid strategy for the future of coffee.

For more information about DCF and the upcoming summit, email elisa@digitalcoffeefuture.com.

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