Royal Coffee Releases New Arabica Coffee Genetic History Infographic

Royal Coffee Releases New Arabica Coffee Genetic History Infographic. New posters tell the story of coffee’s journey from an Ethiopian heirloom to a globally cultivated crop, including full geographical and historical context for over 60 Arabica cultivars.

Oakland, California – November 2023
The coffee family tree gets a major overhaul in Royal Coffee’s new and improved genetic map of Arabica’s most famous global cultivars in a newly released infographic entitled World History and Geography of Arabica Cultivars. Take a tour through time and space in coffee plant types, in a new detailed infographic developed by Chris Kornman, author of Green Coffee: A Guide for Roasters and Buyers and the Director of Education for The Crown: Royal Coffee’s Lab & Tasting Room in Oakland, California. For the first time, coffee’s genetic evolution can be contextualized visually using both historical reference points and geographical data meticulously researched and cited in a companion article, also published on the Royal Coffee website and available to download for free.

“The story of Arabica’s journey from Ethiopia to where it’s grown today is far more complex than one infographic or essay can convey,” said Kornman. “But I hope this new World History of Arabica Coffee Cultivars can create traceable histories and geographies for the world’s most common variety groups.”

The poster was first unveiled in New Orleans during September’s NOLA Coffee Fest and at The Crown, Royal Coffee’s Lab and Tasting Room in Oakland, California. Kornman will lead a panel discussion, joined by members of the coffee growing and research communities at San Francisco Coffee Festival on Saturday November 11. The posters are currently semi-finalists in the Sprudge Design Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Print Materials category.

Prints and digital copies are available on the Royal Coffee website, and in-person at The Crown at 2523 Broadway in Oakland, CA.

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