2021 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence winner available now through Tinker Coffee’s Crown Series

Indianapolis, IN: Tinker Coffee Co. has launched a new series of coffees called CROWNS which will feature extremely rare or exclusive lots. These coffees are available in limited quantities and will launch quarterly.

Tinker Coffee’s new CROWNS series is set to kick off on 12/13 with an incredibly rare coffee from Ethiopia. After sampling all the lots from the 2021 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence competition, Tinker Coffee was tremendously impressed with the #1 scoring lot from Tamiru Tadesse Tesema. Together with a small group of roasters from around the world Tinker was able to place a winning bid in the COE auction and secure a small amount of this exceptional coffee.

About the Coffee

The coffee quality in Ethiopia is widely considered to be among the best in the world, which makes the competition in the Cup of Excellence exceptionally strong. Tamiru has worked tirelessly to highlight the work of his coffee farming partners with this lot, and it is a true honor to have the opportunity to roast and share this coffee with our customers.

What makes this coffee so special? The attention to detail in the processing of this lot creates sparkling fruit and floral notes with bright and complex acidity. We taste lychee, pineapple, raspberry, passion fruit, gin syrup, rose, grape, and jasmine in the cup.

This coffee is available in 100g tins and will be shipped on 12/13. Highly limited quantities available.

Coffee can be purchased through the link below: https://www.tinkercoffee.com/shop?category=Crowns

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