No More Heartburn: Third Wave Water Launches New Low Acid Coffee Solution

Third Wave Water, a pioneer in coffee enhancement, has announced a breakthrough product for coffee lovers with acid reflux. This new solution comes in the form of a low acid water profile packet, designed to significantly reduce the acidity in coffee.

About 20% of Americans experience acid reflux, with coffee often being a trigger due to its acidic nature. Taylor Minor, co-founder of Third Wave Water, was inspired to find a remedy after his father, Craig Minor, struggled with coffee-induced acid reflux. This personal experience led to the creation of a product that can reduce coffee’s acidity by up to 300% per packet when added to one gallon of water.

In controlled tests, the acidity reduction exceeded 400%. The packets not only decrease acidity but also add all-natural minerals to enhance the coffee’s flavor. This innovation allows individuals like Craig to enjoy their favorite morning brew without the adverse effects of acid reflux.

“We’re excited to bring this product to the market,” said Taylor Minor. “Seeing my dad able to enjoy coffee again without discomfort has been a huge win for us.”

The low acid water profile packets are a significant development for coffee enthusiasts with acid sensitivity. For more information on this revolutionary product, visit Third Wave Water’s website at

About Third Wave Water
Founded in 2016 and featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, Third Wave Water is dedicated to solving water quality issues for coffee lovers worldwide. Visit for more information.

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