This Michigan Fast Food Chain Bases Its Coffee Prices On January Temperatures


In a lot of states across the country, January is a pretty bleak month. The holidays have come and gone, while the weather can get brutally cold, miserable, and even dangerous. Hot coffee is a must not just for the caffeine content, but for the sheer warmth it provides.

Recently, the inverse relationship between hot coffee importance and air temperature has inspired a small burger chain to set up an unmissable deal. Specifically, the angels at Halo Burger have decided to peg the price of a cup of coffee to the chilly temperatures of a Michigan winter. The burger joint will charge guests based on a “Coffee forecast,” where the daily high in degrees Farenheit corresponds to the number of pennies you’ll pay for a cup of joe this January. So when the mercury dips to 20 degrees, you’ll pay just $0.20 per cup.

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