Exeter Coffee Co. Delivers The Three ‘C’s At New Location: Coffee, Community And Conversation

From: visaliatimesdelta.com

At Exeter Coffee Co., it’s all about the three “C”s: Coffee, Community and Conversation.

That’s according to owner Staci Welch, who recently moved her successful cafe from Pine Street into a comparatively behemoth space around the corner on E Street.

She has long aimed to “fill the niche” left behind by Capella Coffe House, another cafe that many Exeter residents have mourned since it closed in 2015.

“Capella’s was my favorite place in town. When it closed, I knew I had to do something to create that space for our community,” Welch said. “People miss getting together. We spend plenty of time on our devices but maybe not enough time face-to-face.”

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