Learn To Make ‘An Excellent Cup Of Coffee’ At A Tasting In Oak Cliff

From: dallasnews.com

In 2020, coffee cupping is the new wine tasting. As independent coffee shops continue to pop up in Dallas — and as Dallasites increasingly care about where their coffee comes from — we expect to see more coffee cupping classes from locally-owned shops this year.

New Bishop Arts District shop La Reunion is hosting its first one, called The Journey of Coffee From Farm to Cup, from 6 to 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 20.

La Reunion owner Michael Mettendorf joins with general manager and lauded barista Ali Abderrahman to teach customers about how to make an “excellent cup of coffee.” (And isn’t that something we all need to know?)

Coffee geeks, you’ll learn how roasting affects the flavor of a cup of coffee; about brewing methods like siphons and cold brew; and how to evaluate the coffee you’re drinking.

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