Crochet Coffee Sleeves Spread Positive Vibe


The word had gotten out that Jess Judkins, a self-proclaimed “Crochet encourager,” was going to be at the Kingstowne Starbucks on Saturday morning last week, handing out her crochet coffee sleeves to cheer up the local coffee crowd. All they had to do in return was to pass on the positivity. She showed up with her children Judah and Magnolia, and their handmade sleeves, and the store was full of positivity that flowed into the surrounding community.

This “pay it forward,” activity started when they were in line getting coffee one time and her child Judah started handing out flowers to cheer people up. It’s not uncommon to be wearing a numb expression in the morning while waiting for coffee, but the flowers did the trick that morning.

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