This coffee features a special ingredient

Wunderground Cafe is the city of Seattle’s newest addition to the hot coffee scene.

With names such as Hocus Pocus, Brain Child, and Time to Rise, this coffee packs a surprising punch.

“I adore Lion’s Mane,” Wunderground founder Jody Hall stated. “It is cultivated in the Pacific Northwest. It provides incredible benefits for concentration and brain function.

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Hall is referring to one of four mushroom varieties included in Wunderground coffee blends.

“Chaga is the other mushroom in here. “Chaga is referred to as Black Gold,” she explained. “It used to be a mushroom they substituted for coffee during World War I and II when we were out of coffee and rationing.”

All of the mushroom coffees and teas are designed to have a wellness benefit from reducing fatigue to improving sleep and immune function.

And no, the mushrooms in Wunderground coffee are not psychedelic.

“It’s a common question, ‘Are these magic mushrooms?'” As Hall stated. “No they’re not. Our mushrooms are medicinal mushrooms [they’re] often called adaptogen mushrooms. Like with any adaptogen or supplement, it’s best taken every day as a tonic, meaning, you have it every day. So what do we do every day? We consume coffee.”

While the shrooms may not be “magic”, Jody knows how to create it. This is her third innovative venture. In 2003, she founded Cupcake Royale, Seattle’s first cupcake bakery and cafe and among the first in the country.

In 2016, she launched Goodship, a successful business specializing in CBD edibles. Wunderground is a return to her roots.

In 1980, she joined a then small company called Starbucks with just 30 stories.

“I fell in love with coffee and the ritual of coffee,” Hall said. “How it brings us together and connection.”

And even if you don’t drink coffee, you can still experience the benefits of mushrooms in their bone broths.

This very well could be the next big thing. But Jody hopes it’s also the thing that we need.

“I just feel like it’s the culmination of everything I’ve been passionate about with coffee, with wellness and we’re all looking for some light in this new year, so I’m excited about the light that Wunderground can create.”

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